Angela’s Training Index

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An Introduction to Hospice

Social worker Felicia Rojo discusses the fundamentals of hospice, to help you be a resource and advocate for informing others about hospice care.

Caring for the Patient with Dementia:
Activities of Daily Living

What are the activities of daily living, and how can we best support patients with dementia to accomplish these tasks together? Learn helpful techniques from dementia care instructor Jamie LaLonde.

Discussing Hospice for the First Time

Social worker Marcella Bloom will share tips and considerations for how to talk to families about hospice care.

Family Dynamics In Anticipatory Grief

What is anticipatory grief and how can you support others who are experiencing this type of grief? Director of Grief Care Service Debbie Vallandingham will share this and more in this worthwhile presentation.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Learn techniques to manage stress levels and stop your body’s automated response to stressful situations, with the help of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor Teri Schmitchen.

Myths of Morphine

Is it fact or fiction? Rethink these common misconceptions and learn the facts about morphine sulfate from nurse Lindsay Barber.

Palliative Care vs. Hospice

Hospice and Palliative Care are both beneficial heath care services for people with a serious illness, but these services are often misunderstood. What exactly is palliative care, and who is it for? How does it differ from hospice’s compassionate comfort care? Angela Palliative Care nurse practitioner Jordan Richter answers all these questions and more.

Supporting Veterans in Your Communities

Veterans often have unique needs relating to their military service. Teri Schmitchen, leader of the We Honor Veterans program at Angela Hospice, will share tips on how to better understand and meet the needs of veterans in your community.

Talking About Dying with Residents and Their Family

Approaching sensitive topics can be challenging. Learn tips to make these conversations easier and more beneficial from social worker Marwa Mallah, who regularly discusses difficult topics with her patients and families.